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Book Fair #OnTheSidewalk This Weekend

Bookworms and word nerds, rejoice! Zamalek's Sidewalk cafe is having its annual book fair this Friday!

Still unsure about your weekend plans? Not fancying spending another Friday curled in bed watching lame YouTube videos while stuffing your mouth with all kinds of junk food? For the sake of your physical (and perhaps psychological) health, do something new this Friday.

Zamalek’s Sidewalk is organising a cosy little book fair this Friday. Is there a better way to spend a weekend afternoon than chilling at a New York-inspired outdoor café, enjoying delicious food with friends – and pets!- while leafing through new books and smoking some shisha? 

From 3 PM - 6 PM this Friday, Sidewalk is giving you the awesome chance to exchange old books with other bookworms such as yourself, or even exchange your old books for some new ones from Sidewalk's bookshelf.

So, instead of pursuing your couch potato duties for another weekend, get yourself out of that zone and go enjoy an evening of good food and books, and perhaps even the chance to make new friends!

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