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Video: A Ballerina Dances on a Cairo Street and Everyone is Captivated

When ballet dancers spring across Cairo's streets, heads turn.

Repeatedly seen across world capitals a quarter the size of Cairo’s 22-million strong megalopolis, street performances are more like a Dadaist happening in the Egyptian capital – a performance whose main artistic value is to leave the spectator in complete and utter shock.

That, as well as the pace of her moves and the stunning cinematography, is what makes Ballet in Faisal a genuinely breathtaking work of art. The stunning video, created by 4 Production, comes at a time where ballet appears to be progressing in Egypt with the recent rise of the dazzling Ballerinas of Cairo account as well as the opening of Upper Egypt's first ballet school.

As young ballet dancer Nour Yasser spins across Cairo's raucous streets, she captivates city dwellers and passers-by, drawn to a scene unusual in Egypt’s conservative urban life.

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