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AgroDolce Summer Collection

AgroDolce sashays into the style scene with their new summer line, and with Eid just around the corner it couldn't have come at a better time.

We here at the CairoScene offices are huge enthusiasts of all things fashion. Want to win us over? Screw cupcakes; give us couture. However, finding cool, fashionable designer items here in Egypt can be quite tiresome (and sort of impossible, unless you're willing to sell your kidney for it). Fear not, fashionistas of Cairo, for the fashion gods have smiled upon our beautifully-chaotic city with this gem of a shop, AgroDolce. The Zamalek based boutique offers a wide range of designer items from Michael Kors to Steve Madden, while also boasting a by-appointment personal shopper and an order-online option.

However, this summer promises to be one of extreme fashion, with AgroDolce's just released summer line in stock now, so you can take to Summer: Part Deux with a brand new wardrobe.  

Check out their facebook page here.

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