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Another Exam Leaked in Egypt

Egypt is becoming notorious for leaked exams as another Sanaweya Amma exam finds itself on the internet.

A Sanaweya Amma algebra exam was leaked today, fifteen minutes after it started on none other than Facebook. The Facebook page شاو مينج بيغشش ثانويه عامه (Chow Ming Helps Students Cheat) with over 3,000 likes is sharing pictures of the answered exams. Sanaweya Amma exams come at the end of secondary school and have been tarnished for lack of supervision and the amount of cheating that goes on.

In June the nationwide exam was leaked 45 minutes into the three hour exam. Following an investigation by the Ministry of Education, three students were arrested with mobile phones found on them. This doesn’t seem to have served as a sufficient warning for the last stage of high school education as the incident was repeated this morning in another exam. The photo below, which was posted on their Facebook page, was taken down shortly after. 



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