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Egyptian Alchemist

An Egyptian teenager finds a cost-effective way to turn plastic waste into fuel...

16 year-old student Azza Abdel Hamid Faiad has found a way to turn Egypt’s plastic waste into a bio-fuel which could potentially generate $78 million in revenue for the country, as well as helping deal with Egypt’s waste crisis. While the idea is not new, what is special about Azza’s proposal is a catalyst she discovered called aluminosilicate, which is far cheaper than what’s currently being used in similar projects. If you’re interested, what this aluminosilicate does it break down plastic waste and produce gases such as methane, propane and ethane which can then be converted into ethanol. The Egyptian Petroleum Research Institute has already spoken with Azza and have shown interest into applying her methods.

At the CairoScene office we are currently working on an equally important study on the impact of byGanz parties on the price of apricots. So far the results are inconclusive. Stay tuned.  

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