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11 Top Road Trip Snacks

It's that time of year when you spend hours browsing the glorious aisles of shiny junk foods before you hit the road...

You're on the road and it hits you - not driver fatigue or the need for a bathroom break. We're talking about the powerful hunger of a snack attack. Do you run to a koshk for a couple of Borios, Kalbaz chips and a Best apple juice? Or are you a bottle of water and handful of Jelly Colas type of snacker? Worry no more, we've got you covered...

 Milky Way Tube

Because Nutella is so 2000 and late.

Gardetto's Deli Style Mustard Pretzels 

A zesty snack mix made with crunchy breadsticks, pretzels and rye chips that will make your life 200% better.

Mars Milkshake

Not only is it a delicious and indulgent treat that can be enjoyed occasionally as part of a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle, but who wants to drink Bekhero anyway.

 Non-Stop Mini Chocolate Chip Cookies

They're called non-stop for a reason. One bite and you will lose yourself; make sure whoever is driving doesn't have any. 

Polar Pop

Polar Pops are made of heavy duty styrofoam that will keep YOU and your drink cool.

Celebrations Chocolate Champagne Bottle 

The best non-haram champagne you will ever have.


No, Orangina is not an Italian girl who has applied too many coats of self tanner. It's a delicious soft drink that fills your mouth with pleasure and joy. 

Mike and Ikes: Berry Blast

Eat your feelings, #LoveWins style, as they come in rainbow colours. 

Oreo Birthday Cake

This is what dreams are made of. 

Pop Tarts

Sugar filled crack kittens, long suspected to be laced with some sort of hardcore addictive drug. Pop Tarts are love. You eat them and are transported to a magical kingdom. And contrary to popular belief, you don't HAVE to toast them.

Rumour has it that Khal Drogo - God rest his soul - used to drink five of them a day.

All these snacks and more are available in Circle K.

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