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Dos Cañas: A Taste of Spain, A View of Egypt

We got invited to the soft opening of what's gearing up to be our new favourite post-work drinks and bites spot in Garden City.

Many a Cairene night results in the precursory question of where to go. It’s an endless dilemma. It’s too crowded. They don’t serve alcohol. Why is it so stuffy; have they never heard of ventilation? Why is the music loud enough to wake the dead at a casual after work bar? Why does the food taste like the chef regurgitated it and served it to us and why are they charging us that price for what is essentially puke? Why? WHY? WHY?

With the exception of very few places in the city, we are generally displeased with one element or another. But the latest spot to hit the scene, Dos Cañas, is joining the ranks of those places that seem to tick every box and that you want to make a recurring place that you frequent, like, as often as you possibly can. Set atop the place formerly known as Cairo Capital Club, Dos Cañas is a laid back, open air tapería that makes you feel like a little slice of Spain made it to Cairo. We got a little sneak peek (and taste) of the new place and our primary dilemma right now is whether to tell everyone all about it or to keep it firmly to ourselves so that we don’t find the while city cramming into it daily. We chose the former because we’re nice like that.


Overlooking the city.

A photo posted by DOS CAÑAS (@doscanaseg) on

The atmosphere is casual and simple, with little wooden tables scattered across the deck; but that’s all you need really when you’ve got that view to pair with your evening. Now of course you can also pair it with sangría; white, red, or rosé. We opted for the latter and we were not disappointed; fruity and fresh, that pitcher was the best thing that happened to us all day. So were the second and third pitchers we ordered. Because sangria.

We ordered up a myriad of shareable bites – which is the perfect post-work meal, really. When you just want to have a drink alongside some nibbles without ordering an all-out meal. Topped with cherry tomatoes, the Bruschetta was sheer brilliance; the patatas bravas were perfectly spiced; and the steak bites were deliciously succulent and have been haunting our dreams ever since. COME BACK TO US YOU SEXY STEAK BITES. GAWDDAMN.

Anyway, if you’re searching for the perfect chillaxed spot to head to and grab a few drinks, and possibly a few bites too, then look no further. You’re welcome.

You can follow them on Instagram @doscanaseg.

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