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Elie Saab Pays Homage to Egypt in his 2017 Spring Collection with a Gorgeous Domyat Inspired Gown

Inspired by the Middle East's glory days and Egypt at the turn of the century, Lebanese fashion designer Elie Saab unveils a collection rich in Islamic, pharaonic, and cultural motifs, with a special nod to Domyat in a hand embroidered number depicting its iconic palm trees and feluccas.

It’s hard not to be inspired when taking a walk down Egypt’s muddy streets or along its perpetually murky Nile River. Its decadence is a mark of its mightiness and resilience, the wear and tear that is bound to befall such a timeless place.

Elie Saab knows that better than most. In his Spring 2017 couture collection, he pays homage to Egypt at the turn of the 20th century with a gown inspired by the city of Domyat. “People were able to express themselves and their creative talents in theatre, art, journalism, music, and cinema, transforming Egypt into a hub for progress and allowing Arabic culture to flourish,” Saab told Vogue.Embroidered with the city’s iconic palm trees and boats sailing along the Nile, the gown took three weeks to execute, with 140 hours going to pull off the intricate embellishments which comprise 5,000 sequins and 1,000 hand-embroidered crystals.

In a nod to what he called the "Arab epoch," embodied in Egypt's and the Levant's glory days, according to the Hollywood reporter, the collection features Islamic and pharaonic motifs, but it also displays influences from his Parisian life.  


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