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OPPO's Newest Phone is Bringing Artificial Intelligence to the Selfie Game

Our review of OPPO's newest model, the F5, which has elevated the selfie game with features straight out of the future and a screen and speed to match.

Taking the perfect selfie always has its challenges. Trust us, we know. There's always something wrong with the photo; whether it's off lighting, a shaky hand, or just a genuinely horrible camera. And it doesn't exactly help when most of the time we either look like we we need to sleep because we've been up all night binge watching Stranger Things, or in contrast, look completely sunburned. 

OPPO have heard our prayers for an Android phone with a proper selfie camera and have come out with their newest model F5.

With a massive event that happened at the fabulous Dusit Thani this week, OPPO looks like they're getting ready for 2018 in style! We were there to have a look, snap a bunch of selfies, and try the phone out ourselves. With Infinity Display, the new, sexy OPPO F5 is taking the market by storm since it's one of the super, super few devices out there with a 6 inch full HD screen. We're already planning what to watch on it. And, get this, they've incorporated Artificial Intelligence technology that enhances your beauty for the phone's selfies. It is the future in our hands.

Malak Al Houssieny took to the stage and lit up the night

The AI technology literally recognises skin tones (and even types), genders, and age of the selfie's subject to make it look as natural, and beautiful s possible. By also analyzing the light conditions as well and running the photo against a global database of pictures, each and every shot is always optimized for the best and most beautiful possible selfie. With the tagline, 'capture the real you', we now know we're freakin' gorgeous. 

Yeah, we know, we were confused at first too by Artificial Intelligence at our finger tips, but it's actually quite awesome. This phone has turned us into princesses when we actually looked like zombies and we think it's awesome. 

It's set to be one of the fasted phones on the market and it has a special O-share file sharing technology that is 100 times faster than Bluetooth. And it's not all speed and selfies, you can now unleash the artist in you with a front camera that's... wait for it... 20 MP! It's a beast of a phone. Its processing power was insane with 4G RAM and 32GB ROM memory. At the OPPO F5, we were also told this wouldn't mess with our battery life and that we would get up to 12 hours of continuous use. The F5 also supports two SIM cards, and even has a micro SD slot and fingerprint button. 

The press conference with Ayman Taher, Product Manager OPPO Egypt and Andy Shi, Brand Director OPPO MENA 

The best thing about the gorgeously designed F5 though is that you don't have to make a decision between having a really awesome phone or selling one of your kidneys to pay for one. At a retail price of only EGP 5,490, it's almost too good to be true that facial recognition technology with only 0.4 second unlocking of the phone can be on the F5. But it is. Design in general seems to have played a huge role in the making of the F5. It's sleek, with no cut-offs. It's stylish, with the red one being as much a statement accessory piece as it is cutting edge technology. It's got infinity display, for infinite possibilities. 

Be sure to check out OPPO's Facebook page for all the selfie-tastic updates. 

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