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Egyptian Artist MadLou To Perform At This Year's Burning Man

Dubai based DJ MadLou takes his live show to Burning Man's Disorient Camp on Saturday September 2nd.

Main Photo courtesy of Plus Minus.

Summer is at its peak and so is the global festival season. And every once in a while the news spreads around the local and regional scenes that a homegrown talent is booked for a prestigious event or venue and a certain exuberance spreads all over. This year is no exception, Dubai based Egyptian DJ and musician Loay Adel aka MadLou will be performing a live set at Burning Man (the actual thing in Black Rock Desert, not that fancy dress party in Sahl Hasheesh).

Playing at the world’s foremost hedonistic gathering is no small feat but MadLou is no stranger to touring outside MENA to begin with. Loay played during the Amsterdam Dance Event last October and had numerous gigs around Europe.


Burning man 2016 - Jim Urquhart / Reuters

On September 2nd he’ll be adding an appearance at Burning Man’s Disorient Camp to his resumé. The festival has been featuring a steadily growing presence of dance music over the past decade with Disorient’s arrival in 2001 and the rise of similar dance music oriented stages like Robot Heart, Dusty Rhino, White Ocean and others.

While the whole concept of “glamping” (glamour + camping) might be a tsunami swallowing festivals around the world and even Burning Man recently, but a strong core of electronic music has formed to counteract this craze, and now an Egyptian can count his name among that core.

Follow MadLou on Facebook for more updates and head to his Soundcloud for some music.




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