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Egyptian Folk Singer Hend El Rawy is Back in Egypt with a New Band

The artist that toured Europe with acclaimed French band Orange Blossom is back in Egypt with a new project, performing at Cairo Jazz Club on the 17th of this month.

Hend El Rawy, the Ismailia-born singer drawing influence from the desert and its bedouins to delve into Egyptian folk music, is playing alongside The Meteors Project at Cairo Jazz Club on the 17th of this month. Her music fuses Egyptian folk music with rock and electronic sounds, a must listen for anyone favouring Egyptian folk tunes.

The musician has toured Europe with French band Orange Blossom, an experience that ingrained a love for world music and different genres in her musical persona. "I'm not a big fan of local mainstream music; I follow some Egyptian musicians that are not known within the country, since they perform abroad exclusively," she tells us. "Other than that I usually listen to music from all over the world."El Rawy played in Cairo Jazz Club three years ago, performing traditional Egyptian folk music; this time around she is preparing a set of Egyptian folk tunes fused with rock and electronic sounds. Her own band will be performing with her, featuring electric guitar Amir Habeeb, electric oud Balkees, Amgad on drums, Michael on bass guitar, and Ahmed on keyboards. Together, they are presenting folk sounds from across the country, fused with rock and electronic music, as El Rawy says "The sound we are performing is very original, as no one else in the country is tackling this specific style."

Check out CJC's event page here and follow them on Facebook for more info and regular updates.

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