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We Ask 15 Egyptian Artists to Recreate Posters of their Favourite Netflix Shows - And It's Awesome

What happens when creative local talents take on reimagining international TV sensations?

Netflix is the undoubted hero of the past five years. Not just because they finally cemented what we all knew was a sheyaka booty call (Netflix 'n' Chill) but because they have consistently delivered original shows that prompt us to spend days in bed binge watching them with no chill but with pizza sauce smeared on our chins. Aside from their original content, the vast expanse of TV gems on the network mean we could pretty much spend the next six months doing exactly the above, and feel little to no shame. 

So since the entire nation has taken up Netflix as a hobby, we decided to tap 15 Egyptian artists and task them with recreating the posters of their favourite shows on the digital service - either originals or old favourites they can now comfortable rewatch over and over. And over. And the results are awesome. Check them out below:

Daredevil by Omar Mobarek


Stranger Things by Nahed Shaker


The Crown by Malak Ashraf


Bojack Horseman by Hassan Hassan


Third Rock from the Sun by Noha Bahr


Narcos by Nour Omar


House by Mina Sawiris


American Horror Story by Amr Fahmy


Jane the Virgin by Malak El Sawi

Better Call Saul by Dina Bahr


Breaking Bad by Laila Omar


Arrested Development by Hashem Kelesh 


Stranger Things by Sherif Adel (Barbatoze) 

Haters Back Off by Chanel Arif

Suits by Kareem Gouda