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16 Vintage Photos of Alexandria That Will Make You Ponder Time Travel

The wistful romance embodied in this rare collection of photographs will take you to an Alexandria coloured with the hues of the past.

Alexandria has always managed to stand apart from every other city in Egypt. Romantic to its core, Alexandria has enchanted the masses, both Egyptians and otherwise, considering its cosmopolitan history and social tapestry. Alexandria has often inspired great art and literature through the ages. 

From the Corniche to the many monuments scattered around this timeless city, the beauty of Alexandria and its shores is legendary. We have a real soft spot for those vintage hues those 70s and 80s cameras have portrayed Alexandria, and while it's always good to look forward, sometimes it's beautiful to wistfully look at the past as you sip on red wine.

70s or not, Egypt isn't Egypt without a two-hour traffic jam.

Is it just us or were cats cuter in the 70s? 

That head tilt, though. 

Sadat chilling with his doggo in Maamura.

Their apartment building is better than yours.

Pastroudis Cafe, which has since been closed down, and Cinema Amir which is still standing in Fouad Street.

Wouldn't that crush sign make the best gift for your hipster friend?

Summer Loving

Morsi Abu El Abbas Mosque.

The Unknown Soldier Monument in Ma7atet El Raml, anyone else getting Hercules vibes?

And coming up on your right is Malahy Sindbad.

Bet you didn't know there was another Midan El Tahrir in Mansheya in Alexandria. Bam!

We are so glad that these are still around today, and they're still functional!

What looks like a tribe chief taking a hantour ride, what a head-piece!?

Montazah is unrecognisable, we never knew the tram went this close to the sea. 

Still around today, Athineos used to be frequented by King Farouk and his entourage.