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2B Continued Lab and Festival Tries Keeping Theatre From Killing Itself

The 6th edition of 2B Continued Lab and Festival pairs fledgling theatre companies with mentors to help them figure out how to not destroy themselves with unrealistic expectations while producing quality work. The theatrical results will be showcased over the next three days at AUC Falaki Theatre.

How often have you heard of a project, or even been part of one yourself, that ends up promising more than it can realistically deliver? Whether it’s because of overestimation of abilities or just not realising how much money a project will take to deliver, a more realistic expectation at the onset will allow an artist to actually deliver on a project without having to compromise the artistic integrity of the work. This mistake often breaks artists who, after a simple error in planning their production, are turned off from the creative process in part or altogether, which is a real tragedy. Attempting to keep aspiring theatre students from shooting themselves in their ballet-dancing foot, the Studio Emad Eddin Foundation has sought to help directors, choreographers, and theatre companies manage this crucial initial step of planning by founding of the 2B Continued Theatre Lab and Festival, this year in its 6th edition.

A training laboratory, 2B Continued bestows nominal grants and links up select companies in the initial stages of production with a prominent choreographer or director, as well as an experienced stage crew (lighting, sets, sound, etc). The mentors monitor each step of the process, coaching and advising at each point. 

A festival at the AUC Falaki Theatre is going to be held for the theatre companies to perform their completed production and show off what they’ve learned in their fledging steps into the professional world of theatre. Three performances over three days, in which the audience votes for their favourite productions, begins on the 17th and continues through the 19th, starting at 8 PM. Tickets are 20 LE and are available at the Falaki Theatre from 5 PM until 9 PM. 

You can find out more about the event here or check out Studio Emad Eddin's facebook page here.

Main image courtesy of Falaki Theatre's Facebook page.