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5 Celebs That Lived in Egypt

From writers to musicians, and everything artsy in between, did you know that these five famous people lived in Egypt?

Egypt's always possesed an aritstic intrigue to the outside world. So it should come as no surprise that our noble motherland has at some point been home to some of the world's most notable personalities. Here are five people you may not have known lived in Egypt:

Lawrence George Durrell

This legendary expatriate British novelist, poet, and travel writer lived in both Cairo and Alexandria. He was forced out of Europe by the Nazis during World War II and relocated in Egypt in 1941 until 1945. During that time he wrote The Alexandrian Quartet which was the pinnacle of his work. Recently, Durrell made headlines again as his home in Alexandria faces demolition.


As you may or may not know, Raffi used to be the biggest name in children’s entertainment. Some of Raffi's best-known children's songs are Baby Beluga, Bananaphone, All I Really Need and Down by the Bay. If you were a Canadian there was no escaping Raffi as a child. Incidentally, he too was born in Egypt in 1948 to Armenian parents. 

Joe Strummer

The legendary Joe Strummer is best known for his legendary Punk band The Clash. He also played a little briefly with The Sex Pistols, but it’s his work with The Clash that continues to live on past his death. Although he was born in Turkey, Joe Strummer moved a lot as a child and it so happens that one of the places he grew up was Cairo.

Julian Fellowes

Though he may not be a household name, Julian Fellowes work speaks for itself. He is best known for writing the films Gosford Park and The Tourist, and is currently the mastermind behind the television smash hit Downton Abbey. He was actually born in Egypt in 1949. 

C.S. Forester

An English novelist famous for his depiction of Navy life, C.S. Forester was born in Cairo and, after a family breakup at an early age, he moved with his mother to London. Forester has over 50 works in his repertoire, the most famous of which being The African Queen, A Ship of the Line and Flying Colours. It is widely believed that Forester is the man who inspired Roald Dahl to write.