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7 Billion Moments

Ever wondered what everyone in the world is doing at any given moment? This homegrown Egyptian art project aims to give us answers...

What are you doing right now? Probably sat staring blankly at your laptop, shifting between tabs looking for something to perk your interest. How many other people in the world do you think are doing the same? What is everyone up to, right now... this second? Often in this century of self we put ourselves as lead role in the play of our lives and every moment we have seems infinitely more significant than any of the other seven billion people on this planet. Egyptian Mohamed ElMahdi 's project 7 Billion Moments attempts to break quantum barriers seperating us conciously and geographically by attempting to get an answer to the absurd question of 'what is everybody doing right now?'

People all over the world are asked to apply and send in a photo of themselves along with what they are doing at an exact time stated beforehand and all the pictures are collectively added to this one 'moment' in time. The photos will be time-stamped selected and divided and eventually enter galleries and exhibitions in the real world, with a few of the submitted photos recieving special prizes. The first moment kicked off in September 2012 and the 6th moment will be happening this 14th September at 9PM. 

You don't need to be a professional photographer to enter you just need to simply take a picture of yourself at that time and submit it, as long as you're not naked or doing any dodgy stuff.

Check out the 6th Moment event and register here.

7 Billion Moments on Facebook here