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7 Characters From 'Grand Hotel' Amazingly Expressed Through Art

Egyptians are still in love with this Grand mosalsal which has inspired some pretty awesome art any fan would appreciate.

So, how's everyone getting over Grand Hotel several months later? The short answer is that they're not, but who can blame us considering it's one of those shows that will forever stick with us. The storyline, the setting, the characters – all of that pulled us into their weird ass mysterious lives for 30 days straight, and we must say, the ending was satisfying and didn't induce any tears or heartbreaks from our side. We're still not over Nazli and Ali's #relationshipgoals love story, or Mourad's destructive relationships, or Qesmat Hanem's evil soul forged in the depths of hell, and Amin's master scene of letting go of his love for Ward and the baby he thought was his. It's no wonder why this guy, Hingy, a young Egyptian artist had to document one of the greatest mosalsalat in the form of beautiful and simple art. Each piece illustrates the character's traits, perfectly, highlighting why we fell in love with this series in the first place. Dear fans, you'll definitely appreciate this.

Officer Sherif

All those murders that he can't seem to solve...


Torn between love and revenge...


The kindest and biggest heart...


She's a snake...
Nonchalantly killing people...
Qesmat Hanem

The devil...


An angel roaming the earth...

Check out more of his art @hingyart!

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