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9 Gorgeous Photos of British Bond Actor Roger Moore in Egypt That’ll Make You Miss Him Even More

The actor played Bond in seven films including The Spy Who Loved me, which was partially shot in Cairo.

British actor Roger Moore who is famous for portraying James Bond in seven films and Simon Templer in the TV series The Saint, has passed away today aged 89. Mr. Moore graced Egypt with more than just a visit, in fact, Omm El Donia was the backdrop to one of 007's adventures in The Spy Who Loved Me, which was shot in Cairo and Luxor, making use of its wonderful scenery.

Mr. Moore's charm, coupled with Egypt's, made for quite the cinematic gem. Mr. Moore, we salute you for immortalising Egypt in movie history and we bid adieu with some of the most memorable scenes from your journey in Omm El Donia as 007. 

Photos: Eon Productions