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9 Hilarious Times Foreigners Tried to Belly Dance and Failed Miserably

Since we all love belly dancing so much, here are nine times foreigners loved it even more! They may fail at belly dancing, but they don't fail to make us laugh!

Some 5000 years ago, Ancient Egyptians loved to boogie and shimmy until the early hours of the desert morning. As it stands, we’re not sure how big their bellies were, or how good their ra3sha was – because obviously that’s the most important thing in belly dancing! But we would like to thank them for passing down their dance genes.

Nobody walks like an Egyptian anymore, not even Egyptians! We do, however, like to bust out gravity-defying belly dance moves, and as we share the ancient art of belly dancing with planet Earth, we like to gawk at the incredible talents from around the world. But, mostly, because watching the world belly dance produces the side-splitting laughs we were left in after watching foreigners (especially white people) try to belly dance. You're most welcome.

The Russian Ricky Martin

We don't know who you are, we don't know what you want. But we want to find you...And make you our national mascot. 

The Buzzfeed American Derps

These guys went all out; coin belts, body rolls, and spirit fingers! 

The Five Shirtless White Boys

What do you get when you mix a curly headed white boy with Egyptian art? Nothing. Just a sweaty manic hot mess with back-up dancers. You should watch the whole video, but the good part starts at 3:06. 

The One Where Ellen Dresses Up

She totally mastered the snake arms! Because it's Ellen, you should watch the whole video, but she really walks like an Egyptian at 2:42!

The Hispanic Krumping Master

Not even Arnold Schwarzenegger could hold down that krump if he tried!

The All-Rounder

That time Mama Trish thought she was good enough to audition on Britain's Got Talent. We think your other half should have talked you out of it. Skip to 0:55. 

The Practicing Dare Devil 

Spirit: Check. Music: Check. Execution: Unknown. We just don't know. We can see you've tried, but what on Earth was that hip thing? You get ten points for trying. 

The Really White Shakira Boy

When your son actually thinks he's Shakira, you just have to play it cool. This could be the beginning to something bigger! Diab would be proud. 

The Awkward Girl With the Pink 7ezam

Are you trying to belly dance to 'Christmas Tree'? We're not really sure what's going on here, but belly dancing to 'Christmas Tree' is not what our ancestors had in mind for us. Skip to 1:00!