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Alain Oueijan Puts the Jazz in Cairo Jazz Club

On October 26, Lebanese jazz virtuoso Alain Oueijan will be gracing the stage at none other than Cairo Jazz Club: our haven for all things jazz…

There is only one true home for Jazz in Cairo, so when travelling jazzy troubadours pass through this historic land, you can guarantee to find them gracing the stage at the legendary Cairo Jazz Club.

On October 26, the Cairo Jazz Club will be hosting a special night of jazz, courtesy of the Lebanon Jazz Gang featuring Alain Oueijan. The name Alain Oueijan should immediately stand out, as this multi-talented musician has toured internationally, and can be seen on the TV show “The Voice” Arabia. Described by fellow colleagues in the Lebanon scene as “the guitarist with the magic fingers,” Oueijan has proven his diversity and dedication to his art, playing songs that range from jazz to funk, rock to pop, and many sounds in between.

Making a career in music is tough anywhere, but in a country like Lebanon there are added obstacles, as the scene fails to provide enough venues and promotion to incubate talent. Overcoming these problems, Oueijan has become something of musical journeyman/producer, working alongside some of the biggest names in the region, like international award-winning artist Elissa, as well as Tania Saleh, and Yuri Mrakadi. With his work recording Elissa, the pair were able to garner The World Music Award for best-selling album in the Middle East with Bastannak (2006) and Ayami Bik (2007). Whether he is leading the outfit or complimenting it, this talented musician and producer has travelled the globe gaining experience and building a name for himself as a musical virtuoso.

During his stop in Cairo, Oueijan will be accompanied on stage by Ashraf Habashy on drums, Ehab Badr on bass, and Amro Salah on keys. The Jazz Gang is well equipped to lay down the foundations for Oueijan’s soulful vocals and stirring riffs. This night is surely set to be a memorable experience for all music lovers. Inspired by George Benson, Alain Ouiejan’s style is smooth, accessible, and, of course, extremely jazzy, making it the perfect fit for the venue synonymous with the genre; Cairo Jazz Club. 

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