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Ancient History by the Sea - Dazzling King Tutankhamun Exhibition Lands in Hurghada

The 10-piece collection, which has just landed in Hurghada after a world tour, narrated the most fascinating key moments in King Tut’s life.

About two weeks ago, we announced that the iconic ‘Tutankhamen: Treasures of the Golden Pharoah’ exhibition was heading to the Red Sea after returning from London, its third stop in its world tour – which was cut 44 days short on account of the Coronavirus. The dazzling exhibition has now landed at the Hurghada museum, showcasing 10 pieces from King Tut’s collection, and granting beach-loving tourists a taste of the incredible Ancient Egyptian civilization.

The much-awaited collection, narrating the fascinating story of some of the key moments of the king’s life, includes 10 carefully-culrated pieces, such as Ushabti statue wearing a gilded ferret, a colourful canopy in the form of King Tutankamun’s head, and his chair, in ebony an ivory, his bowl in the shape of an open lotus flower and the master piece of the exhibition, a gilded wooden statue of the Ancient Egypian God Ptah. 

The exhibition marks the exhibition’s first Egyptian appearance outside of Tahrir’s Egyptian Museum. Another 10 pieces from the collection will be exhibited at the Sharm El-Sheikh museum, due to open its doors at the end of this year – before all the pieces land in their new permanent home – the Grand Egyptian Museum – set for inauguration next year.