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Antiquities Minister Invites Egyptologist to Find Nerfertiti's Tomb

After we broke the news that Egyptologist Nicholas Reeves' theory might just lead us to Nefertiti's undiscovered tomb, Egypt has reached out to the British expert.

Weeks ago CairoScene’s own Egyptologist Emil Diephuis broke the news that an English Egyptologist, Nicholas Reeves released a study suggesting that the tomb of Egypt’s most influential Queen, Nefertiti, may be just beyond the wall of Egypt’s most famous boy king tomb, King Tutankhamen. Upon hearing the exciting news, Egypt’s Antiquities Ministry announced that they will be inviting Reeves to debate with Egyptian colleagues and possibly explore the site if his theory is believed to be true.

The evidence released in a Reeves prediction is filled with clues suggesting that Nefertiti tomb is hidden in the Valley of Kings. His research indicates that King Tut’s sudden death at the young age of 19, left officials rushing to find a tomb to bury the golden king. Reeves believe that the time constraint resulted in the ancients using an outer chamber of Nefertiti’s original tomb, and suggests that high resolution image shot that Tut’s tomb may have two unexplored doorways.

This theory runs counter to other Egyptologists who argue Nefertiti mummy has already been unearthed in a different tomb. Feeling a debate is warranted the Antiquities Minister invited Reeves to further discuss his theory with other experts in September. If a consensus is reached, it is believed that expedition to Luxor will be planned in hopes of finding one of Egypt’s most famous and possibly still lost ancient Queen.