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Art D’Egypte’s Experiential Sub-Brand EX Takes Over Hacienda White’s Mazeej Hotel

From sculptures and paintings, the art platform Art D'Egypte has made the coastal settings its new stage; showcasing the artistic endeavours of local young Egyptian artists at Mazeej Hotel.

There’s a good, bad and ugly balance when it comes to signature things that we associate with hotels. Hotel breakfast: pancakes, eggs, sausage, all drenched in maple syrup, all just amazing. Hotel music: Celine Dion/George Michael, by comparison, are ultimately thought to be drab - at least when it comes to the (2) songs they choose to play. As for hotel art: either weird Victorian paintings of domineering figures that lowkey look like slave owners, or... flowers. Just plain old flowers. Come on, hotels. You could do better.

And some of them have! Local art platform Art d’Egypte is slowly turning Sahel into its own sprawling coastal art exhibition with its newly launched experiential sub-brand EX. After descending onto Marsa Allam’s shore last month with a sculpture symposium, they’ve now taken over Mazeej White hotel in Sahel’s Hacienda White. The exhibition will be set up in an out-doors venue at the hotel, and will be dripping with a variety of sculptures and paintings by local Egyptian artists Khaled Abdo, Ahmed Farid and Caroline Berzi, Hany El Sayed, Mohsin Abdelfattah, Sarkis Tossoonian, and Taha Nasr.

“Mazeej White is the perfect space to house art," Nadine Abdelghaffar, founder of Art D’Egypte said. "This summer we want to play our part in ensuring that we spread beauty and positivity through art. This series of exhibitions allows us to introduce contemporary Egyptian art to a new market in a new setting. A merge between art and the sea."

The Egyptian art platform has always been a pillar in the community. Their annual exhibitions, set in landmark historical settings, allow up-and-coming and established Egyptian artists to showcase their works and network with patrons and prominent industry figures. Now through EX, the platform has widened its activities to include year-long and seasonal exhibitions that shine a light on local young artist - and if you fancy any of the pieces, they’re all available for purchase.

If you’re interested in visiting the exhibit in Hacienda White, call the front desk at 01000775547 to get an entry code.