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Art D'Egypte to Transform Downtown Cairo into Massive Art District

A city-wide exhibition run by Art D’Égypte across 12 venues will adorn Downtown Cairo starting September 15th.

Downtown Cairo is about to undergo a vibrant transformation into an international art district for six weeks, with a city-wide exhibition run by Art D’Égypte across 12 venues starting September 15th. Paying homage to the neighbourhood’s rich and cultural past as a centre for renowned international architecture, the Cairo International Art District (CIAD) project will install an immersive array of paintings, sculptures, sound art, and more for the city’s most eager of art lovers.

The six-week takeover will feature works from a diverse selection of well-established artists from all over the world including Belgium, USA, Brazil, France, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Sudan and the Netherlands. The CIAD will also showcase art from a number of Egypt’s up-and-coming contemporary artists and will complement what’s on show with a series of lectures, workshops and talks from esteemed artists and academics.