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Art Egypt: Compiling Local Arts & Culture

A must-follow Egyptian Instagram account, Art Egypt spotlights local talent, constantly updating their roster with striking pieces, designed to encourage the local community.

From Karim Abd ElMalak to Mohanad Kojak, one Instagram page is gathering artwork from Egyptian artists all over, whether they specialise in graphic design, photography, painting, fashion or graffiti. 

By Mostafa El Kashef 

Art Egypt is comprised of a team of journalists and artists who update a list featuring the top current 100 Egyptian visual artists who are around and active. They publish the works of the talents on the list, that gets updated each month, to keep everyone up-to-date and in the loop on the arts scene in the country.

By Lamiaa Ameen (featured on Berlin Artparasites)

Each month, Art Egypt Group also pick an artist, and put their posters in the streets and on their Instagram, shedding light on the beauty mankind can create, giving them publicity and encouraging the artist inside them and many others to bloom and pop-up.

By Walid Ebeid 

Save clicks and follow their Instagram page and get the work of all your favorite artists in your newsfeed from one account here.