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Arts Museums Across Egypt Are Now Gradually Opening Up Again

Starting July 7th, fine arts museum are gradually opening back up as Coronavirus restrictions are lifted, with more museums resuming throughout the month.

Three months ago, the quarantine seemed like it'd last a lot longer than we expected it to. Now restrictions are easing up faster than we thought they'd be, with every day another establishment reopening - and not without some well-deserved trepidation. As of yesterday, July 7th, fine arts museums in Egypt are joining the fray en masse starting with the Umm Kalthoum Museum in Al Manasterly Palace, the permanent exhibition in the Amir Taz Palace, the exhibition of the Luxor International Art Forum, the Alexandria Museum of Fine Arts, Mohamed Nagy Museum, and Mahmoud Mokhtar Museum.

Next Tuesday, July 14th, three more museums will be joining them: Taha Hussein Museum, Gamal Abdel Nasser Museum, and Mustafa Kamel Museum. And on August 2nd, Azhar’s Adib Nobel exhibition for Naguib Mahfouz will be opening its doors as well.

Other arts and culture events are also back in business, with Mohamed Mounir set to perform on July 16th in the Cairo Opera House among a huge lineup of music concerts they have set for the summer.