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Ashraf Abdel Baqi Pulls Back the Curtain on New Sahel Play

Named 'Umbrella and Four Chairs', the play is as Sahel as it gets.

Ashraf Abdel Baqi - the thespian who has made a household name of himself for his comedic plays - is continuing his theatrical streak in Sahel after holding the self-aware murder mystery ‘The Play That Goes Wrong’ with a new feature: ‘Shamseya w Arba’a Karasy’, or ‘Umbrella and Four Chairs’.

With a title like that, it’s as Sahel as it gets, and the plot is similarly targeted at North Coast’s affluent beachside lifestyle. The story is described as a comic social commentary, and follows a family in one of the North Coast’s many gated community compounds who receives a mysterious package at their home.

Written by Karim Sami, ‘Umbrella and Four Chairs’ stars Mohamed Abd ElRahman Mohamed Anwar, Mohamed Osama, Merihan Hussein, and Ashraf Abdel Baqi (who is also the director). The play will open on Thursday, August 5th, at El Sahel Theater.