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Asser Yassin and Yousra’s Sufi Film ‘Saheb Al Maqam’ to Drop on Shahid Before Cinemas

Named the first Sufi film in Egyptian history, Saheb Al Maqam starring Asser Yassin, Amina Khalil and Youssra is dropping on Shahid at the end of July.

Egyptian heartthrob Asser Yassin’s newest cinematic release starring Yousra and Amina Khalil, Saheb Al Maqam, is set to drop on streaming platform Shahid before it hits the box office. The new film is written by celebrated novelist Ibrahim Eissa, and has been described as the first Egyptian film to discuss Sufism in history.

The plot follows a wealthy businessman (played by Yassin) who is followed by a spirit (played by Yousra) who exposes him to his late grandfather’s Sufi affiliations. This will be Yousra’s first cinematic role in seven years, after sticking to television appearances for the better part of the decade.

The film features Riham Abdelghafour and Bayoumi Fouad and is produced by Ahmed El Sobky, one of Egypt’s biggest film producers. The film is scheduled to drop on on July 30th, and will only be available to VIP members.