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Aswan Intl Film Festival Documents Women's Experiences under the Coronavirus

The Aswan International Women Film Festivals is launching a new video project to document the trials and tribulations of Egyptian women during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Could you just imagine? In a few years, we'll look back on the Coronavirus and find its effects on our psychology, economy and culture documented in books and movies all over the world (assuming there isn't an even bigger global crisis by then - but let's not jinx it). The Aswan International Women Film Festival has gotten a head-start on that by launching a new project where they collect video testimonials from Egyptian women during the Coronavirus, entitled 'Women Under the Pandemic'.

Part of the festival’s vision is to come to terms with the “new normal” where we live alongside the virus. Once the festival gathers the testimonials, they will be curated by the young trainees currently enrolled in the festival’s workshops in Aswan, Cairo and Alexandria. These trainees are current recipients of the festival’s filmmaking grants, which were given in collaboration with Nutt Forum for Women’s Issues and various organisations and associations around Egypt working on women and gender issues.

Stay tuned to the festival’s Facebook page and website ( for further updates on how you can contribute your own testimonials to the festival.