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Aswan’s Al Mahatta Square to be Transformed into Arts Arena

Al Mahatta Square, located right in the heart of Aswan, is due for a major revamp to beautify the city and showcase their artistic talents.

If you've been to Aswan, you might have missed out on its local arts scene, distracted instead by its natural splendour and ancient treasures. And while treasures and splendours are all well and good, Aswan has so much more than that to offer, crafted and created by the people of the city. Located right in the heart of Aswan, Al Mahata Square is up for a major revamp to beautify the city and showcase those very same artistic talents.

The front half of Al Mahatta Square, which overlooks the Nile Corniche, will be transformed into an open arena for various arts that are unique to Aswan’s heritage. The exhibited arts will include folklore crafts, dances, visual arts and photography.

The new open-air arena will provide the opportunity to display various talents and up-and-coming artists and will be carried out in coordination with the ministries of culture, youth and sports.