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Attention, Filmmakers: Downtown Cairo Launches Shooting Locations Project

Aiming to help filmmakers and TV producers find relevant, unique shooting locations, Dakhli West ElBalad, a database of stunning Cairene hotspots available to shoot their projects, is launching in Downtown Cairo.

Following the smashing success of last month's photo shoot led by prominent fashion photographer Toufic Araman, hosted by Photopia, a new project is underway that has Cairo's creative scene buzzing. Dakhli West ElBalad, a shooting locations project, is launching in Downtown Cairo in an effort to give creative filmmakers and TV producers the chance to shoot undisturbed across different locations in the city centre.

Filmmakers have long experienced difficulty in finding new significant shooting locations, particularly in Egypt, where permission is not always easy to obtain. The initiative, similar to projects led in England and Scotland, sets out to offer artists a database including a wide array of locations – from heritage apartments, cinemas, and theatres to shops and offices – which will now be available for rental. Hotspots will include stunning historical buildings such as Radio Cinema and the Old French Consulate, which was used for Araman's photo shoot. 

Check out the project launch on Facebook.
Main photo: Toufic Araman's Photopia workshop, photographed by Aisha el Shabrawy, retrieved from Downtown Cairo's Instagram page.