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BookBerries: Egypt's Newest Book Subscription Service

BookBerries will make your IQ spike with magical boxes containing the one thing your brain desires: books.

You know how, in the middle of a conversation, your friend will go like, “have you ever read ma3rafsh eih by ma3rafsh meen?” and you’re like, “yeah, of course, I have!” but you really haven’t? Even more interesting is the fact that your friend keeps going and going about how that book has changed their life and what a profound impact it has had on the way they view things, and now they’re using the writer’s theories as arguments and, by that point, you are completely lost and have no option but to go along because it is too late to recant your earlier statement. Imagine if they are talking about Lolita and they’re arguing that Humbert Humbert is a true European hero and you’re like, “Ah, tamam, bamoot feeh w ba3mel zayyoh bezzabt!”

Someone has made it their mission to educate Egypt’s il-literatis so you never have to unknowingly praise pedophilia by commending Humbert Humbert! BookBerries is Egypt’s newest book subscription service where all you have to do to receive a magical box containing a book and wicked reading goodies is to fill out a form! Sent books will be chosen based on your preferences as well as recent releases and popularity. So go on, live out your brainy fantasies!

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