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Cairo Contemporary Dance Center Is Now Offering Daily Free Online Dance Classes

From barre to breakdance, now you can have a dance instructor guide you through daily dance moves to fill that free time at home.


With the entire country basically under lockdown for most of the week, our Instagram feeds are overflowing with workouts and online classes to keep our minds and bodies active. 

 But let’s face it, when given some alone time at home, we would prefer to dance in front of a mirror. And now, the Cairo Contemporary Dance Center has made that easier for all of us - while helping us look slightly less stupid  when we're pulling off that moonwalk across the living room - by offering free, daily online dance classes! 

 After shutting down its operations last week (until further notice, don't panic), the independent dance studio began streaming free, online classes - on both Facebook and YouTube - where they teach a variety of styles including barre, pilates and breakdance, made to be accessible to all levels and to people with no previous dance experience. The dance classes are aimed at helping you relieve stress and stay active in order to boost your immune system, which everyone is encouraged to do now in order to protect themselves from COVID-19.

MAAT|Cairo Contemporary Dance Center, founded in 2012 by Egyptian choreographer, dancer, and teacher Karima Mansour under the larger company, MAAT for Contemporary Art, is Egypt’s first independent contemporary dance school. It offers full-time  artistic residencies, open classes and workshops in a diverse range of dance and movement disciplines.