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Cairo Opera House Returns with 40 Live Concerts in Outdoor Theatre

This fugue state of watching concerts on Facebook Lives is slowly fading; the Cairo Opera House is bringing in Mohamed Mounir, Medhat Saleh and many more stars for their comeback starting July 9th.

It's still cultural when you watch an opera over Facebook Live. We wouldn't have promoted all those programmes if we didn't believe that. But it's been hard to deny that Egypt's culture scene has been in a fugue state over the past few months, and now the Cairo Opera House has shaken from its slumber starting mid-July. The comeback is as flashy as it can get too. The Cairo Opera House is hosting 40 performances in a new outdoor theatre, including concerts by superstars such as Mohamed Mounir, Omar Khairat, Medhat Saleh, Ali Al-Hajjar, the Cairo Symphony Orchestra and Yahya Khalil.

“All 40 of the new season’s concerts will be held in large open-air theaters that can accommodate performers and allow for compliance with the rules of social distancing,” Mohamed Mounir, a spokesperson for the Ministry of Culture, said.

The Cairo Opera House has been hosting virtual concerts for the past three months ever since safety regulations for the Coronavirus found them closing down, and this grand reopening will not stop them from bringing the culture online. As a matter of fact, Mounir said that these virtual experiences “will be developed further.”

The concerts will start on July 9th, and you can book your tickets now online via