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CimaMasr to Build Street Cinemas in 27 Governorates Across Egypt

The beginning of a second Golden Age for Egyptian cinema?

Street Cinema Egypt

Who doesn't love unwinding to a movie after a long day at work? Sure, nowadays we do most of our movie-binging on Netflix, but there's nothing quite like the added drama and ambiance that comes with watching a film in the cinema.

Chanelling this somewhat purist spirit, CimaMasr, is making cinemas more accessible in an effort to revive movie theatre culture with an innovative new initiative built around street cinemas.

The project will see its first cinema constructed as soon as July this year and fully functioning by August, while all 55 planned cinemas are scheduled to be ready and fully running by January 2020.

It's not just about taking a break from Netflix and getting off the couch, though. These cinemas aim to be inclusive of everyone by being affordable and encouraging young local actors, writers and creatives to pursue their talent by granting them exposure with an all-inclusive platform.

In giving Egypt's youth a medium to voice their creativity, Cima Masr aims to provide more job opportunities and create exposure for local talents. The project's Business Development Manager, director Hady El Bagoury, hopes to also give the country's youth direction and a space to grow their skills, be it in scriptwriting, acting, casting or directing. 

With tickets costing EGP 10, the cinemas will be built in 27 different governorates and will accommodate up to 345 viewers each, with 24 of the seats built for the physically challenged. 

Brought to life by independent, non-profit organisation, the Egyptian Foundation for Strategic Studies and Research (EFSSR), the street cinemas also come in an effort to promote cinema production throughout the country. By encouraging more Egyptians to expand their film palette, the street cinema project hopes to revive Egyptian cinema traditions and values through the project. 

EFSSR is a non-profit organisation headed by Hany Ghoneim and its main role is to research ways and strategies that work towards benefiting and promoting local communities in Egypt.