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Cinematology: A New Era in Film Appreciation

We take a look at a film about films for film lovers, as filmmaker Mohamed Soliman releases his third edition of his series of videos delving into the world of Egyptian cinema's glory days.

The golden era for film in Egypt has definitely blown over. Yes, there are still great films being produced with talented individuals involved but the heyday has definitely passed, and sometimes we tend to forget how, as an industry, we produce well-crafted and undervalued pieces. 

A new series by up and coming filmmaker Mohamed Soliman entitled Cinematology is in its third edition on Vimeo. An initiative which aims to reignite the passion for Egyptian cinema and to rediscover its great films and filmmakers has been gaining a lot of interest in the cinema industry, and has been praised by industry pros like Amr Salama and Marianna Khoury, as well as cinema connoisseurs and the general public.


The series explores all the great aspects of Egyptian cinema and the people behind the films in a technical yet very entertaining manner, and such a gesture couldn’t have come at a better time as Egyptian cinema seems to be losing to its less glamorous small screen counterparts. Film appreciation is, in and of itself an art, and sometimes all it takes is to discuss and join other enthusiasts for a complete revival.

So join the Facebook page here, or the Vimeo page here and stay tuned and up to date with all their upcoming videos.