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Hollywood Posters Get Amazing Arab Makeovers

Cinemoz team up with artist Michel Ackhar to reimagine Oscar-nominated film posters with an Arab twist. The results are amazing...

The Arab world has a culturally rich cinematic history. Back in the day every film was highly anticipated and to promote the film, authentic artworks were created and scattered across the land. Looking back at movie posters is a nostalgic trip and makes you rue the day digital art and Photoshop were invented.

Looking to bring back this love of nostalgic original artworks is Cinemoz, an online streaming database that allows you to watch movies, TV series and documentaries, that have enlisted the help of artist Michel Achkar to turned today’s Hollywood movie posters into yesterday’s Arab-inspired movie posters. With the Oscars just around the corner, Cinemoz decided to give nine of this year's Oscar-nominated films a classic Arab poster makeover.