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#CultureIsNotCanceled: Art D'Egypte Launches Online Initiatives to Support Egyptian Art

Art D’Egypte is spearheading a movement to protect Egyptian artists and their works, and to offer riveting educational content on the history of modern Egyptian art.


Museums, art galleries, and art institutions across the world are experiencing an unexpected renaissance as they take unparalleled strides to have their libraries and collections made available online for all to see. What was once perceived as lofty, intimidating and only for the ‘few’ has now been made accessible to the many and the art-scene may forever change.  

One of the platforms exemplifying the movement here in Egypt is Art D’Egypte. The art platform has long been an advocate of inspiring, educating and encouraging budding young artists, and galvanising the contemporary art scene in Egypt. They’ve now announced a new initiative entitled #CultureIsNotCanceled, which sees them host and support a myriad of online art-fuelled activities.  “In response to the global pandemic and anticipating the hit it would inflict on the arts; institutions in Europe and Asia immediately kickstarted art funds to protect artists and their works,” Nadine Abdel Ghaffar, founder of Art D’Egypte tells CairoScene. “That inspired me to get moving myself and help preserve and emphasise the value of our local art and artists, and to create a full-rounded platform to also serve as a community for ambitious young Egyptian artists.”


The video online series entitled ‘The Nagy Testimonial Episodes in Honor of Onsi Nagy’, pays ode to Mohamed and Effat Nagy, two artists regarded as major forerunners of Egyptian modern art. The series will feature a variety of writers, critics and collectors from across the region mapping out how the personal and professional lives of the Nagy siblings catapulted Egyptian art and made waves across Cairo and Europe, all from their hometown of Alexandria. 


A bi-weekly live Instagram series (Mondays and Wednesdays at 7pm Cairo time) which will feature cultural operators in the creative industries including local, regional and global curators, historians, artists, patrons, gallerists, art writers and creators. 


A podcast series dedicated to Egyptian artists and the space they occupy in the global art landscape. 

You can find out more at // You can also head CairoScene’s YouTube playlist ‘Art D’Egypte’ to view exclusive interviews with leading contemporary artists filmed over the last three years as part of our ongoing partnership with this inspiring arts platform.