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D-CAF: Moving Bodies Move Minds

Kicking off the performance arts portion of D-CAF, last weekend saw the legendary Greek Campus transformed into a space for true self-expression...

D-Caf Festival's Performing Arts spread got underway in earnest on Saturday with a string of engaging acts at the GrEEK Campus. Denmark's Lotte Sigh took to the stage with the entrancing 'Remind Me' - a piece inspired by human relationships and daily interaction. The was followed by 'Mashy' a breathtaking display by France's Ex Nihilo.

However, the lines between virtual and reality were firmly blurred when the evening's main performance, I'll Dance While You're Dancing & We Will Have Danced Together, gave the crowds a mind-bending display of dance using handheld technology to predict how participating performers will respond to each other’s movements across time and space. In short - a seriously cool spectacle.

Meanwhile, the action continues today with a performance by Dutch-Egyptian group 100 Hands. The spectacular 'Running Nucleus' takes place along Alfy Bey street from 3pm this afternoon. Tonight, the UK's Billy Cowie's 'Art of Movement' comes to the Hotel Viennoise at 7pm. The piece highlights Cowie’s expertise in using virtual 3D dancers alongside real ones to create a uniform, consistent performance, where the real and the artificial are indiscernible from each other. 

An evening of thought-provoking performance awaits.