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Egypt's Iconic Museum gets a 7-Year Facelift

A long overdue revamp of downtown Cairo's historic museum was revealed yesterday. Check out the photos here.

Egypt has made a few gains in regards to attracting tourist to return to this ancient land of wonders. Hoping to continue the momentum of encouraging tourist to return, Egypt have announced the completion of first development phase of its iconic museum in downtown Cairo.

For seven years the historic Egyptian Museum has been undergoing renovations in four of it halls with the ultimate goal of returning the building and its interiors to their former glory. Inaugurated on Monday, Prime Minister Ibrahim Mahlab said that the renovations were made possible by support from the European Union and Germany.

James Moran, who heads the EU delegation in Cairo, AFP that the EU gave support to help to boost Egypt's tourism sector whose "revival... is fundamental for the economy." According to Moran, their support will continue as the EU plans to offer 92,500 Euros ($115,000) next year to help renovate the eastern wing of the Tutankhamun gallery.

For over a century the museum has stood as one of the most iconic museums in the world. With maintenance long overdue, Egyptians will have much to celebrate as the museum that features over a 160,000 artefacts spanning 5,000 years will not only restore pride, but have the added benefit of attracting tourist to return.

Photos are often not allowed in the museum so enjoy these images that were taken by AFP and AP at the museum's renovation inauguration.