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Egyptian Artist Huda Lutfi Featured at the British Museum

Egyptian artist Huda Lutfi’s piece ‘Al Sitt and Her Sunglasses’ serves as the face of the British Museum’s latest exhibition, ‘Reflections: Contemporary Art of the Middle East and North Africa.’

It was nearly 13 years ago now when Egyptian artist Huda Lutfi made ‘Al Sitt and Her Sunglasses’, and it was a massively popular piece of artwork. Why? Because it was freaking cool. By featuring Umm Kalthoum through mixed media assemblage, framing her with lyrics from ‘Al Atlal’, and giving her, well, actual jazz hands, we saw the Fourth Pyramid in a snazzy new light.

Now all these years later that same art piece has headed over to the British Museum to be featured among the limited 100-piece collection they’re currently displaying called ‘Reflections: Contemporary Art of the Middle East and North Africa.’

Once a student of visual arts at Canada’s prestigious McGill University, 73-year-old Huda Lutfi has long been using female archetypes to comment on history, culture, and society.

The exhibition began February 11th and will run until August 15th. The collection is also available in book form through the British Museum online shop, featuring our fav Umm Kalthoum artwork right on the cover.