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Egyptian Graffiti Artist Keizer to Display His Latest Street Art in Mashrabia Gallery

The revolutionary Egyptian graffiti artist is set to hold an exhibition titled 'AntHology' to showcase his latest street art.

Famed Egyptian graffiti artist Keizer strikes again! The street artists who made his name fighting the establishment and sticking it to the man in the streets of Cairo during the popular uprising of January 25th, 2011 is gearing up to put his latest work on display at Mashrabia Art Gallery. 

His illustrious ant remains the motif in his latest graffiti work, which will be put on display at the Downtown Cairo contemporary art gallery starting October 16th in an art installation titled AntHology, which he describes as combining "pop art-ish, subversive and Arabic typography aesthetic." The exhibition will also feature some of his classic hits, which we have all come to love over the past few years since the onset of the political unrest. 

You will be surprised to know that the revolutionary artist's upcoming exhibition won't be as incendiary as his previous work - which has gone through many political turns reflecting the rollercoaster of a ride the country has been on since January 2011. "My work has differed along the way; in 2011, I was attacking Hosni Mubarak, then, under the Muslim Brotherhood rule, I was extremely sarcastic, blatantly and openly aggressive, poking fun at how they perceive and apply Islam," Keizer tells us.  

Keizer remains true to his political beliefs, which he describes as "critical of the army," however, the artist is toning it down this time. "It won't be extremely political," he says. "There will no blunt attacks."

Find out more about the event here