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Egyptian Photographer Eman Arab Makes Top 10 at Worldwide Photowalk Contest

Egyptian freelance photographer Eman Arab has been selected as one of the top 10 winners of the international Worldwide Photowalk for her beautiful photo of a man grilling fish in Alexandria.

Amidst the chaos of Egypt’s major cities lies endless opportunities for picture-perfect moments, most recently actualized by Egyptian freelance photographer Eman Arab – who has just been selected among the top 10 winners of famed American photographer Scott Kelby’s Worldwide Photowalk. ‘Worldwide Photowalk’ is an annual competition that takes place on the first Saturday of every October, and sees amateur and professional photographers from across the globe take to their towns and cities’ streets, with a focus on their busiest spaces, to shoot photos from the perspective of a wandering pedestrian.

Eman Arab - the only winner from Egypt – was praised by Scott Kelby himself in the winners’ announcement video. One of her pictures showcases a man grilling fish in Kom El Dekka, and it was singled out on account of how it demonstrated her astute understanding of atmosphere and camera angles, capturing the moment (and the epic facial expression) perfectly.

Arab’s portfolio encompasses portrait, landscape, architectural, animal and street photography. The photographer has previously had her work exhibited at the Virtual Arab Photography Exhibition and the ADASA Contemporary Photography Exhibition.