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41 Egyptian Ramadan Ads Ranked: The Good, the Bad, and the Ridiculous

Another Ramadan, and another batch of Ramadan ads that either absolutely ruin our mood or make us feel fluffy on the inside.

Every year we are blessed (sometimes) with ads that give us the giggles as we watch our favourite mosalsal after iftar. Sometimes we get really into it that we forget we're actually watching a show. So because these ads take up more of our life than anything else (for the most part) on Ramadan, we rounded up some of the best and worst ads that appeared on our screens so we can waste some more time giggling and cringing at Egypt's creations. 

Egyptian Steel with Cristiano Ronaldo

It’s cute that Cristiano Ronaldo is roaming around and about in Egypt, playing with children, and picking up babies... VIA GREEN SCREEN. Yes, according to Think Marketing, Ronaldo never came to Egypt to do the ad and instead, special effects were used to make it look real (which failed miserably). This is the 21st century and people fly drones and shit, how did you think you could get away with this kind of quality? Also, what does the ad even have to do with Egyptian Steel? An epic fail on so many accounts. 1/10 for trying.

Vodafone with Kinda Alloush and Amr Youssef

In addition to Kinda Alloush and Amr Youssef, there was Sherine, Tamer Hosny, Ramadan Sobhi, Ghada Adel, and Héctor Cúper. But the only two that matter are Alloush and Youssef because they are the embodiment of everything we’ve ever wanted to be.

Every year Vodafone blesses us with a heartwarming family musical that captures the spirit of Ramadan in Egypt. 17/10... we can’t even.

Carrier Air Conditioning with Mona

Who is Mona? And why do we want a takyeef like hers? The ad is quirky and fun but also silly. Why is the guy eating a banana mid-conversation? And do people really chatter their teeth when they’re cold? So many questions! We’re in love wiz za humour so 10/10.

Orange with You and What Matters

Mohamed Henedy never ceases to bring us joy as he goes after what matters to him fearlessly. Pulling konafa out of posters, throwing his shirt and having it hanging perfectly, and cruising through traffic like a boss - 10/10 for all the Ramadan feels!

Nestle Mega with Me, Mega, and That’s it

Colourful scenes, stunning visuals, and funky music all make this ad spectacular. Aside from the cheesy nibbling of the ice cream, a solid 9/10.

Al Araby Group with Regrets

Well, wouldn’t we all make different decisions if we knew we were going to have an incorrect body part removed as a result of food poisoning?

 We’re sure Medhat has enough metal talent to create a hardcore mosh pit. 10/10 for these!


Etisalat with Joe 
Joe, you annoying shmuck! Etisalat have dedicated this one to their 10th year anniversary reminding us to hold onto our dreams no matter how hard it gets! 9/10 (lost one for cheesiness!). 

Universal with Layla Elwi

We would forget our entire existence and the meaning of life but when Layla Elwi appears looking hotter than her VERY hot 20-year-old self, our memories will come back too. We're in love. 7000/10

Fresh without Your Shitty Husband 

Not the most elaborate ad ever, however it is certainly one that reminds you of why you need to chose your spouse carefully. The series is disgustingly brilliant! 10/10.

Chipsy Zego with Ay Somsing

How can we be sure that Zego isn't promoting 3ak? We vote to change the name to Chipsy El 3ak. And what do you mean you're going to make it rain indoors? Cringeworthy but so on point, 8/10.

Teama with the Disappointed Wife

That moment when you don't get your cheese that you lose track of who you are and what you're doing with your life... Truly an accurate representation of the importance of cheese. A solid 6/10.


Cottonil with the Patriots

What? Why would we unbutton people's shirts and open their cupboard to see if their underwear was Cottonil? And why does this have to be sung to a very, very patriotic national anthem-like song? Embarrassing, so another 4/10.

Mountain View with Maged and Ahmed Ezz

We admit, we're only watching these ads because of Maged and Ahmed Ezz's obvious bromance. Other than that, nothing to see here. 6/10 for the feels.

El Gar7y Steel with The Weak 

Who knew an ad for a corporate Egyptian steel company could actually be worth our time? Genius! 8/10, and thank you.

Dice with Weird One 

What are you? A WASTE OF OUR LIVES. Sorry, not sorry 2/10.

Coca Cola with Extra Person

Yes! Quirky, fast paced, funky, and most importantly giving us all of the Ramadan vibes. A well-deserved 9/10.

Mousa Coast with All of the Fun

Do we feel inclined to go to Mousa Coast? Not really, but we do want to find friends who we can drench with a bucket of water and ride beach buggies with! So this gets a 5/10.

Neopolis with Kinda and Amr's Love Story

This is cheesier than a bowl of pasta baked in a tub of cheese, but WE DIE FOR IT! In fact, we wanted it to continue so long as we do nothing but watch Amr and Kinda renew their vows and love each other for eternity... so 8/10! 

Bank Misr and Talaat Harb 

Was anyone else confused when they saw posters around the city saying that Talaat Harb is coming back? No, we're pretty sure he's dead as dead can be. But their campaign ads are bringing back small business investments (something that must have died with Talaat Harb?). The ads are light-hearted and put our career into perspective! 3/10? You decide. 

EG Bank with the One Who Doesn't Even Matter

Have you ever felt the need to roll on the floor with your knees to your chin as you wail for realising that your reality as an Egyptian child is insignificant? Egyptian parents - not all of course - often make us feel we're nothing more than a household utility, and then convince us it's for the greater good. We're grown ups, we swear! EG Bank seems to think so! A 10/10 for our ability to relate, despite the awkward acting.  

MIDEA with the Chilled Out Ones

10/10. Nuff said.