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El Taliaa Theater Plans for Year-Long 60th Anniversary Bash in 2022

El Taliaa Theater are sharing their plans for their year-long 60th anniversary celebrations, which will include the opening of their 'El Taliaa Theater Club'.

A cornerstone of Cairo’s theatre scene, El Taliaa Theater is about to have its momentous 60th anniversary and they’ve decided to celebrate for 365 days straight through a newly launched set of activities and events starting from January 1st, 2022.

Among its long list of celebrations, the theatre is going to produce four plays, featuring veteran directors like Nasser Abdel Moneim. Probably the biggest ongoing activities, however, is their newly launched ‘El Taliaa Theater Club’, which will organise events and talks every other Tuesday and is open to absolutely everyone.

The club aims to develop theatrical talents, attract audiences to the long-forgotten magic of theatre, and hold meetings and training programmes.

Originally called ‘Gaib Theatre’, El Taliaa Theater was founded by director Saad Ardash in 1962, who used it to spotlight experimental and avant-garde productions.