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Famed Egyptian Football Commentator Mahmoud Bakr Dies at 71

Mahmoud Bakr, one of Egypt’s funniest football commentators, died yesterday.

Football commentator Mahmoud Bakr died yesterday at the age of 71. The famous sports figure was one of Egypt’s funniest commentators with videos of his hilarious commentary all over YouTube. He has garnered wide popularity with all age groups and has been a sports figure for nearly a half a century. He played for the Olympic Club, and the Egyptian National First Team in his youth before retiring from practicing the sport. 

Known for using language not usually affilated with football to comment on matches, Bakr was a brand in his own right, with fans and followers sharing videos of his commentary for laughs. You can tell from the video comments that the man was loved by many, and that he also left his mark in the hearts of football fans nation wide. We will miss you Mahmoud, rest in peace.