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Game Of Thrones' Season 6 Poster Is Spoilerific!

Due in April, season 6 of Game of Thrones is already ripping us apart with theories and speculation over what this intriguing image means.

HBO has released its first teaser for the upcoming 6th season of the worldwide mega-hit Game Of Thrones. After the events at the end of season 5 turned the world of Westoros upside down, this single image, uh… turns it right-side up? More upside down? We don’t know. Basically, it’s nuts. 
When everyone’s favourite Pantene product endorsement mascot, Jon Snow, got all stabbed by his brothers in the Night’s Watch, who were none too pleased with his wildling-friendly policies as Lord Commander, the Internet collectively lost its mind. Now, this first image from season 6 has renewed all the Internet's arguments and yelling at the office. 
Game Of Thrones and its source novels have no problems murdering and doing otherwise awful things to fan-favourite characters, but for many this was just too far. Kit Harrington’s Jon Snow was just too pretty to die. Theories abounded whether Jon’s fate was final or if he would someone survive this treachery. After all, the dude took like five arrows back in the fourth season and still went on to kick a whole lot of ass. 
So either this is some epic fake out from HBO and Mr. Snow is as dead as Ned, or somehow he survived to keep breaking our hearts.
A certain Red Priestess, who was making googly eyes at Jon all last season, has followed pulled a Thoros of Myr and resurrected the most handsome man in the north. We guess we’ll have to wait until April to find out.