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Get Handcrafted Egyptian Goodies at 'Diarna' Exhibition in Sahel

The Ministry of Social Solidarity's 'Diarna' Exhibition brings 250 exhibitors in Sahel, where locally-made Egyptian products will be highlighted along the North Coast shores of El Alamein.

In a bid to promote traditional Egyptian handicrafts, the Ministry of Social Solidarity launched their ‘Diyarna’ exhibition in the North Coast at El Alamein’s Marina 5, where 250 exhibitors will showcase their craftsmanship until August 24th.

Under the slogan of ‘Egypt speaks through handicrafts’, the exhibit highlights the beauty of authentic, locally-made Egyptian products made by small families and local entrepreneurs. These intricately made products include arabesque textiles and furnishings, home decor, crochet, copper, silver and alabaster - all made with traditional techniques that have been passed down for generations.

The ‘Diyarna’ exhibit is part of a larger plan to integrate the informal economy with the official state economy, which is one of the most important sustainable development goals set by the country.

The exhibition will encourage small-scale production within the framework of the ‘Opportunity’ programme, where local craftsmen can integrate themselves into the official labor market through vocational training and marketing.