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Graphic Artist Places Famous Landmarks in Alexandria

An Alexandria-based graphic designer has decided to portray what Egypt would look like if the great monuments of today's world resided there...

Don’t you guys think it would be pretty cool if all the monuments in other countries resided here in Egypt? What would it look like? Where would they be?

Well, Alexandrian graphic designer Kirollos Khalil has done just that. Using Photoshop he managed to beautifully place iconic international monuments in Alexandria hot spots, from the Statue of Liberty (which was supposed to be ours anyway) to the Christ the redeemer statue.

Enough talk; we’re sure you’re just itching to see these photos.

Oh, you know, just the Statue of Liberty.

Well, Christ the Redeemer decided to take a visit.

Look Mum and Dad America is here! "Son, they've always been here."

I swear I haven't had that much to drink yet but buildings are starting to lean. I should stop?