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Here’s the Ministry of Culture’s Full Ramadan Agenda

The agenda covers everything from opera, to children’s culture.

ramadan ministry of culture egypt

The Ramadan edition of the Ministry of Culture’s ongoing “Khaleik Fil Beit..El Thaqafa Bein Edeik’ online initiative brings a medley of arts and culture content that will be broadcast on the ministry’s YouTube channel. Look below for the full agenda:

Read With Us
The Supreme Council of Culture’s literary series hosts a selection of creatives from Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco, Jordan, Sudan, Palestine and Saudi Arabia.

Helwa Beladi
The National Center for Theatre, Music, and Folklore will offer a series following the journey of a group of folk art pioneers.

Fawazir Cinema Masr
The Cultural Production Sector and the Cultural Development Fund will launch a competition asking viewers to name the movie, director, author and actors of scenes that will be re-enacted by youth at the Talent Studio at the Creative Center. Ten winners will be selected to receive a prize of LE50,000 as well as a book collection.

Nights with the Cairo Opera Orchestra and Arab Music Ensemble
Headed by Magdy Saber, a number of opera performances will be posted online gathering the Cairo Opera Orchestra and Arab Music Ensemble together with a selection of opera singers.

The Egyptian Film Center
Rare documentaries about Egyptian icons and historical events will be released on YouTube.

The National Center for Child Culture
Already broadcasting daily, the centre will now include “Al-Mesaharati,” “Lulu,” and “Mora” riddles which aim to elevate the cognitive abilities of young children.

General Egyptian Book Organization
Headed by Haitham Al Hag, the organization is set to provide readings of a selection of books and seminars that were held during the Cairo International Book Fair, accessible on the ministry’s website.

Ramadan Periodicals
The Egyptian National Library and Archives has prepared a collection of press releases on various topics about Ramadan, as well as historical documents about the traditions that used to be followed in Egypt during the holy month. In addition, every day they will release a question competition for children aged 9-12 on religious and cultural topics.